Many would think this post belongs to the eighteenth Tarot Card. One must remember that Tarot existed before the Moon and maybe even the Sun. Also, astronomy is part of becoming immortal. An understanding of the universe and the different levels of the Creation. The Macrocosmic and Microcosmic have similarities which helps in learning. TheContinue reading “THE MOON”


“We may not pay Satan reverence, for that would be indiscreet, but we can at least respect his talents.” Mark Twain There is a real mystery surrounding this entity because of the association with everything considered evil. Commonly called Satan, this entity is the opposite of God. The Devil is the Fallen Angel also knownContinue reading “LUCIFER”


The Twelve Zodiacal Archangels are associated with the Seven Celestial Archangels close to their own vibration or traits. They may connect just like any other entities. The role these Archangels have is to relieve suffering. They can be invoked to help those here on Earth. In some religions, these had been replaced by saints orContinue reading “THE TWELVE ZODIACAL ARCHANGELS”


Magic is the reality we live in. The energy. It is the manipulation of these energies to create through our Higher Self. This can be done by linking to other entities, mainly those Masculine and Feminine powers. This is in relation to those Seven Hermetic Principles of Alchemy explained in Arcana 3. It does takeContinue reading “WHAT IS MAGIC?”


“Maiden, Mother, Crone.” Known to many as the Goddess of Battle, she has been a deity since the beginning. There are many representations of a Triple Goddess as symbols and statues. In the beginning, She was said to have lived as three humans sharing one Soul. Some call Her, the Divine Feminine. She was theContinue reading “TRIPLE GODDESS”