“The world will belong to those who possess the Sovereign Mind; that is to say the Light that reveals all the mysteries of life.” This card is also known as The Chariot of War or simply, The Chariot. The entity associated with this card is connected to righteous anger. In the universe, conflict is inevitable,Continue reading “TRIUMPH (ZAIN) ז”


“One must watch over oneself, and above all show no indecision in the crucial moments of existence. Nor must one be discouraged because obstacles seem to bar the road to happiness. A strong Willpower will suffice to overcome them all.” Many choices there are in life with little guide on which ones to take. ThisContinue reading “INDECISION (VAU) ו”


“Before you may tell a man whether he is happy or unhappy, you must find out what use he has made of his Willpower. For every man is treated to the Image of his own works.” Shown on the card is the god, Anubis. The reason this god is shown on the card is becauseContinue reading “THE HIERARCH (HEH ה)”


“Nothing resists a firm Willpower which has for its lever the Knowledge of Truth and Justice. To fight for both is more than a right, it is a duty. Whoever triumphs in this struggle has simply accomplished his mission. Whoever fails, in spite of his honest efforts, is Entitled to Immortality.” This card is associatedContinue reading “THE EMPEROR (DALETH) ד”


“That to wish for things possible, is equivalent to creating them. To wish for things impossible, is to prepare one’s own ruin” The entity linked to this card can be invoked by a series of Mantras. Mantra is a vocalization that is chanted or sung in ritualized form. They are expected to increase certain psychicContinue reading “THE EMPRESS. (GIMEL) ג”


“A firm will and confidence in yourself, guided by reason and a love of justice, shall lead you to the object of your ambition, and save you from the dangers on the way.” This is the first card. It is the separation of the Mind from the Body. The difference between light magic and darkContinue reading “THE MAGICIAN. (ALEPH) א”