As mentioned in a previous post, these represent the 7 Chakras and the 5 Senses. A total 12 have been translated as the12 Signs of the Zodiac, the 12 apostles, 12 tribes of Israel, etc. The 7 Chakras are the 7 Churches of the Apocalypse. These are linked to the Spinal Column and to MusicContinue reading “THE TWELVE FACULTIES”


This “time” exists outside of the Material Plane. It is like measuring the progress of connection with Source. To become Immortal rather than just long lived Entities, one has to adapt to Creation. This process is combining the Divine Triad. The Intimus, Avatar and Soul. The Intimus is the Willpower that joins the Avatar toContinue reading “ESOTERIC TIME”


SUBLIMATION: Even though one has transformed into the Self; now begins removal of those programs, reactions, and thoughts that have plagued us from birth. It is like having a great number of different padlocked boxes that need to be opened one at a time. One scrutinises all of their actions, so to make sure theirContinue reading “THE GREAT WORK: PART 2”


This is the Alchemical Process of Purification of Self. The Alchemical Process of Spirit is the Macro, this is Micro. It is the process within. It has Twelve Operations in a certain order. They are often compared to the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac in more recent times. This work transmutes Lead into Gold. PersonalityContinue reading “THE GREAT WORK: PART 1”


“One must sacrifice one’s self for others without awaiting anything but ingratitude as a reward. Forgiveness must remain our most precious gift, as it causes us to resemble more closely our Divine Prototype.” The entity of this card represents the Great Work. The Alchemist needs an Athanor to continue the Great Work. Many who awakenContinue reading “THE APOSTOLATE (LAMED) ל”


Many would think this post belongs to the eighteenth Tarot Card. One must remember that Tarot existed before the Moon and maybe even the Sun. Also, astronomy is part of becoming immortal. An understanding of the universe and the different levels of the Creation. The Macrocosmic and Microcosmic have similarities which helps in learning. TheContinue reading “THE MOON”