“Wisdom has to be appealed to in every circumstance of life. It teaches one to be discreet and silent in all critical circumstances.” The entity of this card is associated with the Journey Within. One has now begun the journey of finding more about the True Self. This is done by deep and thorough Self-examination.Continue reading “THE HERMIT (TETH) ט”


“To Odin many a soul was driven, to Odin many a rich gift given.” Snorri Sturluson. A form of Magic that uses the eight-pointed Octagram. The name does not mean it is Black Magic. It uses the energy of Ego, but not always in a negative way. It affects people emotionally, rather than changing themContinue reading “CHAOS MAGIC”


“I just didn’t ever fit to match the crowd, no matter how hard I tried.”Sahara Sanders Also known as Indigoes, these are alien, (extra-terrestrial) beings of the Material Plane. They arrived recently, so have only been here for a few generations. It is possible they once colonized Earth in the deep past, tens of millionsContinue reading “INDIGO CHILDREN”


“Third Eye is a gift from life. It’s the gift you receive when you travel the long path of both your external and internal reality towards the Self.” Roshan Sharma The Third Eye has always been described as an invisible eye that has an ability to see the unseen. As with most abilities, there needsContinue reading “EYE OF THE SOUL”


“Satan is so much more in earnest than we are – he buys up the opportunity while we are wondering how much it will cost.” Amy Carmichael. One of the first documented events involving this staff is the one carried by a person called, Moses. He was a “chosen one” of his god. Moses performedContinue reading “SERPENT STAFF”


“Everything in life is a pretty even struggle between Good and Bad, and that every Action brings in its wake, a re-action, thus forcing us to be most cautious in our thoughts and undertakings.” The entity associated with this card represents Karma. Position eight of the Tarot is normally taken by the Strength card. OneContinue reading “JUSTICE (CHETH) ח”


These are the people behind the Fabian Society, the United Nations, the Tavistock Institute, intelligence agencies, world education system, the New Age religion, etc. They are a Death Cult and Eugenicists. They have sadistic beliefs in Collectivism, Population Control, and Scientism. These people want control through social engineering. Over the past few hundred years, manyContinue reading “THE VRIL SOCIETY”