Many would think this post belongs to the eighteenth Tarot Card. One must remember that Tarot existed before the Moon and maybe even the Sun. Also, astronomy is part of becoming immortal. An understanding of the universe and the different levels of the Creation. The Macrocosmic and Microcosmic have similarities which helps in learning. TheContinue reading “THE MOON”


The Ten Sephiroth are the Path of Light, but also of Dark. Conscious and Unconscious. To obtain the knowledge of the Tree of Life, one must understand both paths. The Tree is multidimensional and spans all of Creation. Above Equilibrium is the Tree of Heaven or Truth. Below Equilibrium is the Tree of Klipoth, theContinue reading “TREE OF DEATH”


Atlantis has been described as the highest point in human achievement. An advanced civilization that later destroyed itself. Those who survived the last cataclysm, became ignorant of the majesty of the previous world. The failure of Atlantis was put into two stories. The Great Flood and the Tower of Babel. A total annihilation of theContinue reading “AFTER ATLANTIS”


The last advanced Civilization was estimated at under 15,000 years ago. This could be the end of Atlantis. From then until the beginning of the Sumerian or Akkadian empires, there is little knowledge of how humans and other beings lived. This is from a historical point of view of independent researchers rather than mainstream science.Continue reading “THE OLD GODS”


As explained in the Samael post, Mars is the main force or god of the Material Plane. It was what brought knowledge and life to those now living here. It is no surprise that the Book of Revelations may have been written by someone channelling Samael. All forces are polarised. There are good and badContinue reading “SIGIL OF MARS”