As mentioned in a previous post, these represent the 7 Chakras and the 5 Senses. A total 12 have been translated as the12 Signs of the Zodiac, the 12 apostles, 12 tribes of Israel, etc. The 7 Chakras are the 7 Churches of the Apocalypse. These are linked to the Spinal Column and to MusicContinue reading “THE TWELVE FACULTIES”


“One must sacrifice one’s self for others without awaiting anything but ingratitude as a reward. Forgiveness must remain our most precious gift, as it causes us to resemble more closely our Divine Prototype.” The entity of this card represents the Great Work. The Alchemist needs an Athanor to continue the Great Work. Many who awakenContinue reading “THE APOSTOLATE (LAMED) ל”


To understand Sacred Geometry as consciousness, one needs to break it down into mathematical terms. Male and Female energies are more like the poles of a magnet, but with different attributes that make one magnetic field. Male Energy is focused and Female energy is random. Both are similar in strength and powerful when put together.Continue reading “MALE AND FEMALE ENERGIES”


This is probably the most difficult of the processes to achieve. It is the bringing of Male and Female energies into a single flame, where both become a Non-consuming Fire. There are so few of the opposite sex that are compatible for this Work to be successful. It may be why some have summoned JinnContinue reading “PROJECTION OF THE FIRE”


“If we are endowed with sufficient faith, we may go ahead fearlessly. Obstacles are more imaginary than real. Let us find where our duty lies and accomplish it without hesitation.” This card is also known as the Force of Persuasion. It is easier to know through the Ancient Egyptian lore. Reincarnation is the Divine inContinue reading “PERSUASION (KAPH) כ”


“I just didn’t ever fit to match the crowd, no matter how hard I tried.”Sahara Sanders Also known as Indigoes, these are alien, (extra-terrestrial) beings of the Material Plane. They arrived recently, so have only been here for a few generations. It is possible they once colonized Earth in the deep past, tens of millionsContinue reading “INDIGO CHILDREN”


“Virtually no soul ever achieves all of its objectives in one lifetime.” Anthea Wynn This involves the Sacral Chakra and reached in an alternative state of consciousness. One can then travel backwards in memory to Past Lives. There may be issues from Past Lives that are influencing this one. It is difficult to know whyContinue reading “PAST LIFE REGRESSION”