This love represents the progress of the Mind. Those graced on the Path will find the way to enlightenment. This is where one can discard all old beliefs and behaviours and so begin to find their own meaning to what life is and a purpose. It can be an unstable time, where old and newContinue reading “PATH OF LIFE: PART 2”


The Path of Life is focused on the Tree of Life and the Ten Sephiroth. This post starts from bottom to top. The Tree of Life has been illustrated in many cultures, in particular the Norse Yggdrasil, the Assyrian Sacred Tree and the Hebrew Kabbalah. The Tree of Life has not come from religion, butContinue reading “PATH OF LIFE: PART 1”


These are a very interesting form of magic. This is because they are linked to the planets. They combine Numeracy and the evocation of the Archons (Archangels). The most useful ones were made by an Alchemist called Cornelius Agrippa. It is now known that the numbers are not random but are from the core of ancientContinue reading “MAGIC SQUARES”


As explained in the Samael post, Mars is the main force or god of the Material Plane. It was what brought knowledge and life to those now living here. It is no surprise that the Book of Revelations may have been written by someone channelling Samael. All forces are polarised. There are good and badContinue reading “SIGIL OF MARS”


This entity is often represented as the Eighth Archangel. To be accurate, the Metatron is a direct manifestation of the Source in a form, not one of Nature, but of Divine Intervention. This does not mean that Metatron will come here and save everyone, as it too, must adhere to the Natural Law of FreeContinue reading “METATRON”