This “time” exists outside of the Material Plane. It is like measuring the progress of connection with Source. To become Immortal rather than just long lived Entities, one has to adapt to Creation. This process is combining the Divine Triad. The Intimus, Avatar and Soul. The Intimus is the Willpower that joins the Avatar toContinue reading “ESOTERIC TIME”


A slave is someone who has no property and expected to be happy serving interests of those who do. They become property. All who pay legislative costs such as forced taxes or insurance, are slaves. Even taking of one percent of one’s production is slavery. If a group or institution were required, there would beContinue reading “SLAVERY”


Many would think this post belongs to the eighteenth Tarot Card. One must remember that Tarot existed before the Moon and maybe even the Sun. Also, astronomy is part of becoming immortal. An understanding of the universe and the different levels of the Creation. The Macrocosmic and Microcosmic have similarities which helps in learning. TheContinue reading “THE MOON”


Many people claim to be these aliens in human form. This is possible as we are all luminescent beings, within an energy field. For many, it is just ego contamination. In human history, it is claimed that it has took billions of years for life to evolve any kind of intelligence, humans. Artefacts such theContinue reading “PLEIADIANS”


Love is essential to progress the Path of Life. As one becomes filled with the Light, they move further away from Klipoth. It does not take much observation to see that the world is in a bad way. This is further damaged by those who are passive. It is as though they see the Light,Continue reading “CHRISTIC LOVE”


This was rediscovered by the Ancient Egyptians at least 6,000 years ago. It is the Lunar Mind. Where one belongs to the gods of the Material Plane. Later, the Priest Class used the knowledge of this Virus to become humanity’s rulers and they still are to present day. Other known names are the “god virus”Continue reading “WETIKO VIRUS”


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