“And we need to know what it is to be human if we are to avoid becoming narcissists.” Alexander Lowen This has been listed as a disorder. When one spends a lot of time in a basic, first level cognitive environment, narcissism just seems like normal life. It is like a game where each personContinue reading “NARCISSISM”


These entities are also known as Jinn or Faeries. They have been included in old tales of how they could possess people. Jinn live in the Astral Plane but incarnate into the Material Plane sometimes. Most often, they will trade with those in the Material Plane in an energy exchange. They can live in theContinue reading “NATURE SPIRITS”


“The ultimate necessity is the summoning of the mind and will to do their duty.” Ignacy Jan Paderewski The seventh card of the tarot is about responding to one’s enemy. The more one knows of their intentions, the more chance there is to triumph. It is horrific to see how very little regard rulers haveContinue reading “JINN STAR”


“Don’t let your genie wait forever.” Shruti Upadhyay These Beings have often been confused with demonic entities in some religions. It may be because of the rigid thinking that if a possessing spirit is not an angel, then it can only be a demon. Many people are Jinn but do not know it. These areContinue reading “JINN”


“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” Christ. This is a Force of Nature, rather than any single entity. It has many manifestations of both male and female gods. It is best known as the Archon Sabaoth and as Mars, the godContinue reading “SAMAEL”


“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.” William H Gass. In ancient times, certain metals were thought to have properties that influenced the energy around them. These metals could be purified using the alchemical process. Amulets, bracelets, rings, weapons, armour etc, were made with intention. The manyContinue reading “ALCHEMY: METALS”


“Alchemy is taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.” Kenneth Coombs. The Heptagram is the symbol of Alchemy. Each point and area can represent a chemical, a tarot card or a process. Symbolism is usually used for Magic Spells. A tarot spread can be placed,Continue reading “ALCHEMY: THE TAROT”


“The world will belong to those who possess the Sovereign Mind; that is to say the Light that reveals all the mysteries of life.” This card is also known as The Chariot of War or simply, The Chariot. The entity associated with this card is connected to righteous anger. In the universe, conflict is inevitable,Continue reading “TRIUMPH (ZAIN) ז”


“Let the dead bury their dead.” Christ. The New Testament has Christ as the son of God. It has been said that Christ Consciousness was written about allegorically long before Christ was “born”. There are parts from different “stories” that have been put together into the gospels. The core of the story will be true,Continue reading “CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS”


“Where there is love there is life.” Mahatma Gandhi. The sixth card of the Tarot represents Love. This is the “as within, so without” rather than the “as above, so below”. The love from Source that comes from within and then put into the world through Action. The description of love has many different meanings.Continue reading “LOVE”


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