As this card regards cycles, it may be best to look into this period of Earth’s history. The last Ice Age is said to have begun a few million years ago. In a previous post it has been written that a Lesser Ice Age started when the Earth was attacked by the Anunnaki. These wereContinue reading “ICE AGES”


This device is believed to be able to look into the past or future. It is said to be in a large cabinet with antennae made of unknown metals. The screen is connected to a cathode ray tube and has a control panel with buttons and levers. It functions by bringing the electromagnetic residues fromContinue reading “CHRONOVISOR”


The Ten Sephiroth are the Path of Light, but also of Dark. Conscious and Unconscious. To obtain the knowledge of the Tree of Life, one must understand both paths. The Tree is multidimensional and spans all of Creation. Above Equilibrium is the Tree of Heaven or Truth. Below Equilibrium is the Tree of Klipoth, theContinue reading “TREE OF DEATH”


These are found on the Tree of Knowledge, known as the Trees of Life and Death. They are a measurement of Christic Light and Anti-Christic Light. Each Soul has its own Journey when in the Material Plane. Where the Mind, Body and Soul creates, these can also destroy. The creative and destructive forces are CosmosContinue reading “THE SEPHIROTH”


Atlantis has been described as the highest point in human achievement. An advanced civilization that later destroyed itself. Those who survived the last cataclysm, became ignorant of the majesty of the previous world. The failure of Atlantis was put into two stories. The Great Flood and the Tower of Babel. A total annihilation of theContinue reading “AFTER ATLANTIS”


This has been linked to many events in history. It is the worst-case scenario for any society requiring rebalancing through Natural Law. Where an individual may go through the “Dark Night of the Soul”, so can a society. This is when they receive the Action of Retribution. It is a period where a society goesContinue reading “SCOURGE OF GOD”


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