Where a Pentagram is a 2D drawing, a Pentacle is a 3D construction. It has been used in many religions as a symbol of protection against evil. It once represented the Five Wounds of the Christ, but this was replaced by the unfolded Cube of Saturn, with the Christ sacrificed onto it. Not many peopleContinue reading “THE PENTACLE”


Elemental magic is one of the easiest types to use. It can be easy to learn the basic qualities and attributes of these elements because there are only four. This magic can be enhanced with the options detailed below depending on when, where, and why it is to be used. One is summoning the ElementalsContinue reading “ELEMENTAL MAGIC”


In Nature Magic, it is elements that are used rather than Elementals. Symbology and physical elements are required. A Pentagram is one of the most powerful symbols to use when channelling energies. It is best to draw the Pentagram for each Spell. One can then add the symbols and vials needed to create the Spell.Continue reading “USING MAGIC”


Magic is the reality we live in. The energy. It is the manipulation of these energies to create through our Higher Self. This can be done by linking to other entities, mainly those Masculine and Feminine powers. This is in relation to those Seven Hermetic Principles of Alchemy explained in Arcana 3. It does takeContinue reading “WHAT IS MAGIC?”


“Before you may tell a man whether he is happy or unhappy, you must find out what use he has made of his Willpower. For every man is treated to the Image of his own works.” Shown on the card is the god, Anubis. The reason this god is shown on the card is becauseContinue reading “THE HIERARCH (HEH ה)”


“Oneness is not sameness.” Lois Farfel Stark Oneness is everything in Creation linked together from the Source. It means that all energy is joined together. This is in the background. There are multiple dimensions. The laws of physics act differently in Solar Systems than they do in Galaxies, and Morphic Fields are different again. ThisContinue reading “WHAT IS ONENESS?”


“I teach you beyond Man (Übermensch). Man is something that shall be surpassed. What have you done to surpass him?” Friedrich Nietzsche This is one of the most common afflictions in modern life. There are two main types of Nihilism. Passive and Active. It is mainly to do with the questioning of existence. It isContinue reading “NIHILISM”