When the Anunnaki colonised Earth they created many Star Gates to take the resources to places off-world. The main one seems to have been located at the North Pole. These are of a physical construction, rather than the ethereal Portals. A warping of energies using Earth’s magnetic field. Aryans seem to have come out of this Polar Star Gate.

The Aryans, also known as the Orions, are a mainly robotic alien species. Within them they have an ethereal Spirit called, a Vril. These are soulless entities that once created a Hive Mind within the Astral Plane but are able to control robots in the Material Plane. This gives them an almost immortality. Being soulless then, makes them lack awareness.

This does not mean that the Aryans cannot be negotiated with, but they are more like an Artificial Intelligence. This will always calculate ways to advance their goals. They will work temporarily with those that suit their purpose. When the Aryans arrived on planet Earth through the Polar Star Gate, they immediately started terraforming the planet to suit.

The Aryans began by destroying everything they could. Not only any settlements, but even food sources. These were not required by them, but were by the Anunnaki. To bolster their numbers, the Aryans did use humans to fight for them, adapting them into killing machines. These were fed from what was killed as the Aryans moved south.

Humans were adapted with the main Aryan features. These were given augments, such as exoskeletons, bearing fangs, claws and weapons. Their minds were fully under the control of the Aryans. Instructions were given in a one-way, autocratic system that gave little option of refusal. All human experiences were sent directly to the Hive Mind.

Just as the Aryans were about to win the war, they were destroyed by the Anunnaki cataclysm. Their energy sources left them vulnerable to this kind of attack. With the Aryans coming through a Star Gate, it may be suggested that they were Anunnaki and had in some way, been assimilated by the Vril Hive Mind and into robots.


In human society, many fascist and communist leaders are said to have been part of a modern day Vril Society. If we do create a worldwide Artificial Intelligence, it will become the only authority. When fully fused with this tech, we may become like the Vril where even in death, we would still be connected to the Artificial Intelligence, but cut off from Source.

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