Archon Iao has a very powerful Mantra linked to it. To explain how it works, one must go back to when the Archon Yaldabaoth created the Cosmos we live in. Most of the universe is dark to us. What is visible was created by the Archon Iao changing some of the Dark Matter into Baryonic Matter. These particles are building blocks of reality.

Even though everything in the universe is energy, we see it as matter. This matter can be seen as a fabric that joins all that we observe. The universe is totally flat in the second dimension. We observe it as three dimensional. Baryonic Matter is the Ego as a transformed energy. The changes by Iao has been done by other beings.

This was documented thousands of years ago in India. There were flying machines, advanced lasers, space travel, etc. All used this free energy. These were a people who were eventually destroyed as explained allegorically in the Tower of Babel story. Humans had returned as an Interstellar Species, but scattered after this cataclysm.

For those who practice Magic, once again we have the power of three. These are I – (Ignis) – Fire, A – (Aqua) – Water, O – (Orgo) – Spirit. These are the Three Primary Elements of the Four Manifested Elements. This was described as the ‘Holy 3’. The Hebrew is Shin (Fire), Mem (Water), and Aleph (Spirit). They symbolise in a triangle.

Some have said this is used in Demonology, but it is actually the combination of the Body, Mind and Soul as one shape. It is often seen as the male and female in the alchemical symbolism. The human comes in three parts. The Animal (Nephesh), the Thinker (Ruach), and the Soul (Meshamah). All of these are used in manifesting.

The upward pointing Triangle is the Masculine (Action) and the downward pointing Triangle is the Feminine (Passive). These are used additionally in most Magic and are an enhancement to any Spell or Conjuration. People are animals, then become thinkers and then intuitive. To live in the Material Plane needs a control of all three.


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