“Tarot and Dreams are two dialects in the language of the Soul.”

Philippe St. Genoux

The word, “occult” means “hidden”. There are those in the world who have some knowledge that they do not share. This gives them an advantage over everyone else. The tarot covers much of the occult. Ancient Egyptian Tarot was used as instructions for initiates who wanted to increase psychic and magical abilities.

Symbolism has been used by humans for many thousands of years, all over the world. It may have come from ancient civilisations or from ritualistic channelling of entities. It does not matter. This knowledge may help us free our minds and evolve as a species. Advanced technology is not enough for us to be called a “civilisation”.

Each card has its unique relevance to magical or psychic abilities. Mainly this has been associated with dark magic but can be converted to light magic. There is a lot of selfishness in the world where magic is used to control rather than give freedom. Symbolic magic has a large impact on what is happening everywhere in the world.

Future posts on this site will be based on Ancient Egyptian Tarot. These are Gnostic Teachings based on raising an initiate from a low position of unknowing, to becoming what most would consider fully Enlightened or Illuminated. With each Tarot Card will be an accumulation of Writings. These come from researching and also channelling.


This link gives an explanation of the Ancient Egyptian Tarot symbolic meanings, which are considered to be the closest to the original Tarot.

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