The Heptagram is the symbol of Alchemy. Each point and area can represent a chemical, a tarot card or a process. Symbolism is usually used for Magic Spells. A tarot spread can be placed, and symbols drawn. Elements can also be added in some form at each point. The Heptagram starts at the top and then goes anti-clockwise.

Sunday: Sun. Crown Chakra. Metal: Gold. Tarot Cards: The Fool, The Magician, Justice, The World, Knights, Aces.

Monday: Moon. Third Eye Chakra. Metal: Silver. Tarot Cards: The High Priestess, The Empress, Death, The Hanged Man, Queens, 2s.

Tuesday: Mars. Throat Chakra. Metal: Iron. Tarot cards: The Emperor, The Hierophant, Temperance, The Devil, Kings, 3s.

Wednesday: Mercury. Heart Chakra. Metal: Mercury. Tarot Cards: The Lovers, The Tower, Pages, 4s.

Thursday: Jupiter. Solar Chakra. Metal: Tin. Tarot Cards: The Chariot, Strength, The Star, The Moon, 10s, 5s.

Friday: Venus. Sacral Chakra. Metal: Copper. Tarot Cards: The Hermit, The Sun, 9s, 6s.

Saturday: Saturn. Root Chakra. Metal: Lead. Tarot Cards: Wheel of Fortune, Judgement, 8s,7s.

The Heptagram can also be split into each part of our being and the elements. These are Soul, Body, Mind, Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. A more accurate way of using Magic.


There are some variations to where each of these symbols are placed. Each is placed to the corresponding Symbol such as the Sun, Moon etc. When one is using Magic, a “way” must be found through the sea of possibilities for it to work. Drawing tarot cards randomly, will give one an idea of the spell that can be cast that is closest to one’s desire as possible.


This link is to a video showing how to draw an accurate Heptagram

These are seven random cards that are picked for the purpose of showing how the Heptagram can be used in Magic Spells.

The seven drawn cards areFive of Cups, Knight of Wands, The Fool, The Empress, The Lovers, Ace of Pentacles, and Queen of Swords.

These cards are placed in their appropriate positions, starting at the top and working anti-clockwise. Each card is placed in order as described above. Those that do not have a place become reversed in order of when drawn.

Sunday: Sun – Knight of Wands. This card is about changing through travelling. This may be moving to a foreign country or a change of environment much different from what one is experiencing at present. With the Sun, this would be the best option moving forward.

Monday: Moon – Queen of Swords. This card is about separation. This Queen is more about intellect than emotions. It means that intellect will take one forward, whereas emotions will hold one back. With the Moon, these emotions may be based on illusions anyway.

Tuesday: Mars – The Fool (reversed). This card is about being more aware of risk and also the intentions of others who may try to exploit them. Keep in mind one’s own agendas and not to get caught up in others that do not help towards one’s desire. With Mars, any who do not help, should be disregarded.

Wednesday: Mercury – The Lovers. This card is about decisions rather than love. It is where relationships with others must be decided. This is not easy and can lead to a good or bad choice. It presents a partnership of some kind. With Mercury, this is often in a form of communication. One must communicate their intentions to those who have similar ones and work in partnership.

Thursday: Jupiter – Five of Cups. A dark card this one. It suggests pain and loss, even regret. One must realise that Magic has a price as does Happiness. We all feel the pain when one has to make decisions that affect others in a negative way. Some of these decisions are outwith our control. With Jupiter, this suggests that one’s ideology, perception or understanding of life will see one through the difficult times that are sure to pop up whether through one’s own fault or created by others.

Friday: Venus – The Empress (reversed). This card reversed is to show more self love and self care rather than to help others. Prioritise oneself to reach the goal. Rather than meaning to be selfish, one may require self examination. A view into one’s real desire so as to remove any obstacles to it. With Venus, this desire is based in emotions and having a relationship with another.

Saturday: Saturn – Ace of Pentacles (reversed). This represents lost opportunities due to financial reasons and the perceptions of status. Being focused on these can lead to an unsteady foundation to any relationship. It may be best to avoid those who value money and status in a relationship. With Saturn, this suggests one may have to accept that some of their decisions will be based on some wealth in order to achieve their overall goal.

Summary: For this spell to work, one must be willing to move away from the life they have had. This decision will require intellect, rather than any emotions. Those who help should be welcomed and those who do not should not be. One may find their way through forms of communication rather than physical prowess. There may be a lot of sacrifice, where those one loves may never be seen again in this life. A self serving attitude would be required to find an emotional relationship with another. Any future relationships should not be based on finance or status, but one may need some of both to succeed in their goal.

These cards show an unusual, but very realistic form of Magic that has to find a way through the billions of other desires in this world. Most people do not realise that Magic exists. They live most of their lives as machinations of the Magic used by the Dark Sorcerers that rule this world; those who use this Knowledge.

Many who try Magic think that Spells do all the work and one just sits back and waits and observes. No. Like everything in life, it takes planning and work towards the goal. There can be some form of intervention as we are never alone in life. It is just made to seem that way. One needs not cast the spell and may choose rather to keep life as it is.

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