A slave is someone who has no property and expected to be happy serving interests of those who do. They become property. All who pay legislative costs such as forced taxes or insurance, are slaves. Even taking of one percent of one’s production is slavery. If a group or institution were required, there would be voluntary contributions.

Of course, there is a scale to the intensity of slavery, but in reality, it starts small and then escalates as people accept it as normal. Those who were put into chains in the past were so by their fellow human beings, not any deity or misfortune. It was by those who followed the orders of people they have never met but carried out their wishes.

When the person who owns France was asked about the violence there, he said that he only sees insects. He was not asked about the protesters, but the police. All these protests, and yet the person who owns the country does not even live there. He just accepts the money from the people who live and work there on that large plantation.

Humanity is caught in the Dream of Fascination. This has been amplified, not just with sports and gambling, but television and social media. People spend time looking for distractions, rather than looking for reality. Illusion feels good, reality, at first, feels bad. It takes willpower to look at reality and see how evil this world is behind the veil.

The worldwide slave system is not yet obvious because people see worse slavery in other countries, so ignore the slavery in their own. People think they have freedom. If one looks at any empires; when everyone was beaten, they turned on each other. There is no way to satiate the Reptilian desire for power. These people are not Human.

This whole illusion that has been created, is to turn humans into them. To accept their way of life. To fuck each other over at any opportunity and to think that the only reason anyone even pays attention to another is because they want something. This has caused much division and made people slaves to others’ opinions and inadequacies.

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