Many people claim to be these aliens in human form. This is possible as we are all luminescent beings, within an energy field. For many, it is just ego contamination. In human history, it is claimed that it has took billions of years for life to evolve any kind of intelligence, humans. Artefacts such the Dashka Stone, show this may not be true.

According to ‘science’, the Pleiades Star Cluster formed within the last 100 million years. The Dashka Stone is older than these stars. It is estimated at around 120 million years old. Looking into Esoteric Knowledge, one would expect much mention of the star Sirius. The star mentioned, is the red supergiant star Antares in Scorpio.

This star is only said to be 11 million years old compared to the Sun (Sol) which is said to be around 5 billion years old. Massive stars live much shorter lives than small ones. In esoteric terms, Antares has six planets that evolved as the star evolved. His light is a million times more rarefied than Sol’s. This light made the planets become Suns.

From our scientific perspective, a Conscious Star creating Conscious Planets is very strange. Yet, many speak of this planet evolving into a higher density. It is the same thing. Consciousness is light. Planets around faster living stars evolve quicker than a small one. Within a star cluster, there would be light consciousness from many stars.

Pleiadean ships are said to be like spheres of light, others much more conventional. An advanced species would see humans as very primitive. There is said to be a Prime Directive stopping more interference here. As humans prefer servitude, there can be no intervention. Any advanced species would consciously want a change and to be free.

This is why the illusion of aloneness in the universe has been thoroughly put into our psyche. What we see in science fiction too, is the same false hierarchy in a space environment. There is no doubt any benevolent alien species coming here would not suit the people that run this world. They would do everything in their power to destroy them.

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