This was rediscovered by the Ancient Egyptians at least 6,000 years ago. It is the Lunar Mind. Where one belongs to the gods of the Material Plane. Later, the Priest Class used the knowledge of this Virus to become humanity’s rulers and they still are to present day. Other known names are the “god virus” or just simply, the Predator.

The Virus is Hivemind parasitic entity that feeds on strong emotions in a hierarchy. These emotions are the ones often generated by Ego. Ego is dualistic in nature. When one looks at both positive and negative emotions shown on the Auras post, one can notice both are powerful. Emotions can be used to divide and rule all of humanity.

Any who reveal the nature of the Wetiko Virus are always, unerringly, faced with a confrontation in the form of Cognitive Dissonance. It is difficult when one realises that everything around us has been constructed into a Matrix, by a virus. Understanding that most people do nothing but are under the control of unseen forces of Nature.

For those who have studied the Wetiko Virus, it can be assumed to be Satan. It has been explained by the Buddha, Friedrich Nietzsche, and in the teachings of Don Juan Matus. The problem this Knowledge has, is that people who bring attention to it, become its victims. They achieve notoriety, and people question their motivations.

Those off-world intelligences that control humanity, are totally afflicted by this Virus. We are made to think of contagions in a certain way, but in reality, any energetic virus cannot be stopped as long as a person eats, drinks or breathes. Even so, viruses are a poison that can spread through intense negativity and poor health.

The only way to resist any Virus is Self-Realization. To know who and what we really are. The True Identity. It is to escape from the trappings of any illusions. When we die, we will Ascend, Descend or Return. This is what we should be focused on, rather than being the food for any Virus. An opportunity to escape from the Matrix Illusion.

Image Art: @enriquefgibert (Instagram).

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