Every person is an electromagnetic field. We are a bigger version of the Quantum in relation to how we behave. If not for the Soul, or True Identity, we would all be like Non-Player Characters at the will of forces that form in Nature. This can be evidenced when one converses with those who will defend the Matrix and deny any conspiracies.

This field belongs in the Material Plane and has Seven Chakras. Each Chakra has a shape, a frequency, colour, element, emotion range, and musical note. Each Chakra is a Vortex that can go into another dimension and can be manipulated by entities. Seeing Auras is a Fifth Density trait and brings an image of intentions and emotions.

ROOT CHAKRA – Colour: Red. Note: C. Tones: 128herz, 256herz, 512herz. Shape: Cube. Element: Earth. Emotions: Positive is creative. Negative is destructive.

SACRAL CHAKRA – Colour: Orange. Note: D. Tones: 144herz, 288herz, 576herz. Shape: Icosahedron. Element: Water. Emotions: Positive is joy. Negative is self-indulgent.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – Colour: Yellow. Note: E. Tones: 162herz, 324herz, 648herz. Shape: Tetrahedron. Element: Fire. Emotions: Positive is peaceful. Negative is careless.

HEART CHAKRA – Colour: Green. Note: F#. Tones: 182herz, 364herz, 729herz. Shape: Octahedron. Element: Air. Emotions: Positive is practical. Negative is materialistic.

THROAT CHAKRA – Colour: Blue. Note: G. Tones: 192herz, 384herz, 768herz. Shape: Dodecahedron. Element: Spirit. Emotions: Positive is purpose. Negative is moody.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA – Colour: Purple. Note: A. Tones: 216herz, 432herz, 864herz. Shape: Merkabah Star. Element: Light. Emotions: Positive is inspired. Negative is prejudice.

CROWN CHAKRA – Colour: Violet. Note: B. Tones: 243herz, 486herz, 972herz. Shape: Sphere. Element: The Void. Emotions: Positive is spiritual. Negative is spiteful.

To tell the difference between Positive and Negative emotions requires the use of acute Intuition. Like all abilities, it takes practice to bring them to peak performance.

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