“If we are endowed with sufficient faith, we may go ahead fearlessly. Obstacles are more imaginary than real. Let us find where our duty lies and accomplish it without hesitation.”

This card is also known as the Force of Persuasion. It is easier to know through the Ancient Egyptian lore. Reincarnation is the Divine in the Avatar. One can reincarnate while alive. It is called an Awakening. It is Suffering, Death and Resurrection. One has now become Reborn. In this process, one has left Lunar and become Solar.

The original Trinity are Father, Mother, Child. These are Osiris, Isis, and Horus. In all ceremonies, three candles are lit before anything else occurs, especially as this is a representation of total creativity. The magical effect in any chains of three is the most powerful. The most powerful magical symbol is the Pentagram drawn on the ground.

How to use Magic has been covered in detail in Arcana 5. This is a more advanced and larger form of the same. An area can be drawn with the point of the Pentagram inside and the two in inferior points outside. The Conjuration of the Elementals uses objects. A Feather for Air, a Goblet for Water, a Staff for Earth, and a Sword for Fire.

The desired object is held by the Spell Caster depending on what Elemental is being Summoned. See Arcana 5, Elemental Magic. Each Elemental type has a contact that can be evoked by name. Sylphs, face East, Paralda. Undines, face West, Varuna. Gnomes, face North, Gob or Kitichi. Jinn or Salamanders, face South, Djin or Agni.

There is a Mantra that can conjure the Quetzals. The chant is, “JAO RI”. These are miraculous fiery birds that can awaken each of the Chakras completely. This ability is called the Projection of the Fire. These entities can make one invisible from danger and cure illness. They have an astral body that can help others, even at a distance.

Magic requires Imagination. There are two types. Mechanical Imagination; Fantasy, and Conscious Imagination; Clairvoyance. Enter meditation and imagine the Bird. Mentally vocalise the mantra, “PEOWEOA” to attract the image of the Bird. It is a familiarity with this Bird that is required in order to awaken all the internal powers.

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