This Law is about what happens when one dies. There are three different types of Recurrence: Return, Transmigration and Reincarnation. Return is when the Wheel brings one back to a starting point. It could be one relives a life, but it will be different from the previous one depending on Retribution; on one’s previous Vices or Virtues.

There is a limit to the Return as one only has so much energy while in this Plane. If there is too much Karmic Debt, one can remain in an unchanging lower world. This is pointless, and so one will eventually Transmigrate. It is where one has now ended a purification in the Abyss. They now begin again from the lowest frequency of Vibration.

These souls are often “lost” in the Void reaching the Abyss. These may have been Shadows or even Demons. They now begin again as a mineral, plant, animal, before once again, a being. Transmigration and a Return are of the Lunar Order. As one is attached to the Ego rather than Source, they are also attached to the Material Plane.

Reincarnation is different. This is of the Solar Order. It is separate from Lunar Order. One has connected to Source Energy and has dissolved their Ego. When Ego dies, one becomes liberated. The Return is left behind. The Liberated Essence no longer has feelings, attachments or desires. It is the only way one can be free of the Wheel.

In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, it is Isis who kills the Ego. It is impossible to kill the Ego without the Divine Mother. Only through Ego Death can one become “lost” in Osiris, the Divine Christ. One’s Essence resurrects in the Heart of Osiris. We have to die to escape the Wheel. We must incinerate the seeds from where Ego may grow.

One is now confirmed in the Light. This gives one control of immortality. The Lunar Mind is useless. It wants wealth, social position, and fame. One will find the hardest struggle is with Satan. This can be reduced through the Holy Spirit. The Wheel is what causes suffering. Self-realization is worthwhile in living. All else is in vain.

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