This is the main religion of this world. Even so, it is more of an ideology. It is where one strives for dominance and determines to stay there for life. To reincarnate as an inferior is unthinkable. It is why this is called a Death Cult. Members are obsessed with death and they do not want reincarnated. One life filled with luxury may be enough.

Some may disagree that this is the main religion because of their beliefs in the other religions or whatever. If one were to see what is being done on a daily basis just to supply all the needs of people, they would not say it is good. Even the resources to make up the most basic stuff are extracted by the manipulation of people by money.

This is not a suggestion of not having any luxuries, but to give a perspective of the unimportance of those who are at the bottom end of the supply chain. The elites do not want to reincarnate as a slave in their own slave system. One would think that they would want to work towards a better world, but they are too evil and cowardly.

It has been suggested for a while, that some elites have been reincarnating into their own families for thousands of years. It is why they work on legacies, rather than to change the world. It would explain some of the ceremonies that they conduct. Satan may be able to grant this desire to those who have done its bidding through their life.

To understand what it feels like to be in Klipoth, is not worth immortality of this type. A groomed childhood in an Illuminati family, away from Source and later, any delight. Rather, it is a life based on the constant fear that their god may end it all one day, if one fails it. They would be just like other people. That is why some seek out Oblivion.

How Oblivion is entered is unknown. The Universe is based on Free Will and Natural Law. One may seek to no longer exist in it. One can enter the Abyss and begin again once the Ego Soul has been removed. This would seem like entering Oblivion, as all that was once valued is consciously removed. This is called the Law of Recurrence.

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