These are what make up Creation. Some have these confused with Parallel Worlds or Universes. For one to contact upper dimensional entities or to even connect with Source, one would have to be multidimensional. These Dimensions, along with the Parallel Universes, are what keeps us experiencing this Plane and Creation together.

The dimensions have previously been explained up to the fifth. The sixth dimension is where entities can see all possibilities. The seventh is where parallel universes can be altered. Some have seen this happen as glitches in the Matrix. The eighth is where the Actions of Cosmos and Chaos create and destroy throughout all of Creation.

The ninth dimension is like the Mind of Source. All of the possible scientific laws are calculated here. The tenth dimension is Source Consciousness. The source of all existence. It is where all energy comes from. It travels through the dimensions. This causes vibrations everywhere. These become wavelengths and shape all Realities.

Parallel Universes are mirrors of each other with just slight differences. There can be no possibilities without these. One can travel many thousands of these in a lifetime. All of Creation is intertwined. There are stories of people being able to travel to other universes. These are other Cosmoses, and they are external. Each one is unique.

The Void is what is between everything in Creation. Some call it the Grey Area. It is known that people are made up mostly of space. This gives flexibility between each of the states of existence, anywhere. Electrons and other particles are theorised to travel in and out of existence. This is when they interchange through the Parallel Universes.

The Spirit can connect with the Void and therefore, the Soul. The Void is also known as Hyperspace, or the dimensionless dimension. It can be connected to, through the Crown Chakra. It is how a Soul moves through Creation as Vibration. We enter and leave this life through the Void. We experience Creation from both inside and outside.

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