This is directly linked to the Chakras in a human and the Solar System. The life that is in a Star is the same light that is in everything. Compared to many stars, the Sun is small. Even so, the Sunlight that is received can help us produce a chemical in our brains called N, N-Dimethyltryptamine or D.M.T. This brings alternate consciousness.

The activation has been caused by Solar Flares in the past. The Sun is at his Solar Minimum just now but is now increasing in activity, though slowly. It is no accident that D.M.T. enhancing plants and fungi have been made illegal. These are believed to cause hallucinations, and yet, expand the Mind. One “sees” with their higher dimensional vision.

Over time, the chemical D.M.T. produced in the human brain has decreased as these plants and fungi have stopped being experienced. Obtaining Higher Consciousness for all is not in the interest of those who rule. It is not the only way for a person to provoke a Higher Consciousness but is a process that can trigger the most enslaved minds.

Moving from Lunar Consciousness to Solar Consciousness achieves Higher Consciousness. This is the exiting of the Matrix Illusion and the relearning of what is Real. The levels of Christic Consciousness are explained with more detail in the Ten Sephiroth, the Egyptian Book of the Dead and in the Seven Chakras.

From the bottom, the Chakras are the representations of the planets, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Venus, and Mercury. The reason for the name “Lunar Consciousness”, is because the Moon too is artificial. The Dark of the Moon represents Wisdom and so is part of the Chakra system. Sunlight is where Christic Energy flows into our Chakras.

In ancient Egypt, Isis was the Divine Mother and Osiris was the Cosmic Christ. These are Binah and Chokmah of the Sephiroth. The symbolism of combining Wisdom and Action. One then “sees” the world by opening their Third Eye. This is then the path to Knowledge which resides at the Crown Chakra. The peak of Christic Light.

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