As this card regards cycles, it may be best to look into this period of Earth’s history. The last Ice Age is said to have begun a few million years ago. In a previous post it has been written that a Lesser Ice Age started when the Earth was attacked by the Anunnaki. These were advanced beings who created human beings as their slaves.

There has been six Major Ice Age Events. These were much more powerful than the one described with the Anunnaki. They affected almost the full Earth. It could be that every so often, the Earth is cleansed into a reset. Life then begins again from a basic level. This ties in with evidence that this Solar System may have been constructed.

There is evidence that the modern type of humans was created around 350,000 years ago. With Glaciations, the core species of the Anunnaki lived mainly around the Equatorial regions. Other kinds lived where they could. After the Anunnaki were defeated by the Aryans, and the cataclysm which followed, humans returned here.

The Jinn Lands would be other planets. There is historical data that Atlanteans had frequent visits from aliens. Humanity would have had to adapt to alien worlds as well, if they were to live there. The aliens that humans were originally adapted from are a species only a few tens of centimetres in height. They use genetics to enlarge.

Not all humans left Earth. Those who survived the Cataclysm were also those who escaped the slavery of the Aryans and the Anunnaki. These peoples are known as the indigenous peoples of the world. There was only one human race then. When those who had left have returned, they built colonies in areas most like their host planets.

These peoples brought with them advanced technology and were interstellar. Most of the resources they used for their colonies came from off world, as it is easier to mine and transport common resources there. There are cultures around the world who state that they had extra-terrestrial origin. No. They were just humans who returned home.

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