This love represents the progress of the Mind. Those graced on the Path will find the way to enlightenment. This is where one can discard all old beliefs and behaviours and so begin to find their own meaning to what life is and a purpose. It can be an unstable time, where old and new beliefs can combine. One must use intelligence.

TIPHERETH: Beauty. Archangel Raphael. Mercury. This was the fifth Being that was given Knowledge from Source. Where Uriel brought desire for change, Raphael has helped by creating forms of communication between Avatars and their Souls. Rather than living in a collective, these Avatars could now shape their destinies, individually.

This love represents Identity. This is the point where one sees themselves as an independent and free Being. One who’s quest is to construct their own life, rather than submitting to the ideas of any other authority. Those graced on the Path will be able to channel their Higher Self. This makes a difference when remembering who one is.

GEBURAH: Strength. Archangel Gabriel. Moon. This was the sixth Being to be given the Knowledge from Source. It became possible for Beings to find peace and to escape the manipulations of Lucifer. One could still not connect with the Source externally. Gabriel created the Path of Life. One could now connect with Source from within.

This love represents Possibilities. This is the place of Transformation from being a mere cog in the wheel of the Matrix, to becoming much more, as a balanced Being of both the Spiritual and the Material. One has now left their former life and fully become who they really are. One now has realised the reason they became incarnate here.

HESED: Mercy. Archangel Michael. Sun. This was the seventh and last Archangel to be given Knowledge from Source. Michael brought the understanding that Source has not abandoned those Beings in the Material Plane. This is where one has received enough Christic Energy to have access to Source by accepting the Law of Three.

This love represents Evolution. One may begin to try and change the world around them into a better place to live. Somewhere one can find peace away from the direct machinations of Lucifer. A confidence of knowing that Source is within them. Those who do the Great Work on Earth will find much opposition, but that is to be expected.

BINAH: Mother. Holy Feminine. Care. This is where one is attentive to what is needed in the world and by those that live in it. One will begin receiving deep Insights into this world but these will be combined by aspects of the other worlds. A measurement of where this world is and the direction it may take depending on the various timelines.

CHOKMAH: Son. Holy Spirit, Masculine. Wisdom. Those graced on the Path will have revelations and divine mysteries will unfold. This will be on a need to know basis. To understand these can take time. The constant pressure from demonic forces and the oppressions from authority fades; brings opportunities to receive the information.

KETHER: Father. Knowledge. Those graced on the Path can change and reshape the world by the Willpower of the Mind. Knowledge is channelled through the Soul and become Action in the world. It is where one puts on the Armour of God. This brings one Power. One is now Wielder of the Sword of the Spirit and the Shield of Knowledge.

The Three Traitors of Klipoth accepted the Law of Three but used this for their own selfish purposes. Others have changed this world. There is a constant Spiritual War here that goes on behind the Veil. Most people are unaware of it because it is much easier to be ignorant. To consent to this world is to push further, its descent into Hell.

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