The Path of Life is focused on the Tree of Life and the Ten Sephiroth. This post starts from bottom to top. The Tree of Life has been illustrated in many cultures, in particular the Norse Yggdrasil, the Assyrian Sacred Tree and the Hebrew Kabbalah. The Tree of Life has not come from religion, but from tens of thousands of years of intense study.

The Sephiroth on this Path relate to the Seven Archangels, also known as the Seven Forces of Nature created and part of the Source, and the Law of Three which relates directly to the Source. One must remember that there was less constrictions to the study of consciousness than there is now. Most thought expanding methods are illegal.

The Seven Archangels are not just the building blocks of reality but of consciousness. As one travels life and reaches the higher states of awareness, then these forces become more obvious as separate stages of evolution. How fast one travels the Path of Life varies depending on one’s life and how much of the world has been experienced.

All Archangels have virtues and vices, though these become less polarised as they get closer to Source. The most polarised being Lucifer, the least being Michael. Lucifer has an intense love and hate relationship with its followers. Michael values anarchy, no followers except on an individual basis or a temporary timeline. We all die alone.

The Archangels are really a path that shows that love can come in many forms. This depends on where one is on the path of life. As explained in a previous post, love can be mistaken for the vices shown on the Tree of Death. Lucifer was the one who designed this universe of cosmos and chaos. It is called the First Son for this reason.

Before the was Light, there was Dark. Before there was Cosmos, there was Chaos. The universe evolved through each stage represented by an Archangel until the three of Source. What is outside of Creation is unconsciousness or Nothing. This has no effect on anything inside of this Creation. There are no other Creators anywhere.

MALKUTH: Kingdom. Archangel Lucifer. Saturn. This was the first Being to be given Knowledge from Source. It created this Universe we find ourselves in. This is called the Kingdom after the Animal Kingdom, though these forms were not as conscious as we see them now, where they all have the same range of sensations as humans do.

This represents the love of the Physical Body. Those graced on the Path will have health and vitality. One must appreciate the positives and negatives of the physical to feel part of this world. One must remember that artificial constructs have a natural state before being distorted. When Nature becomes distorted it lowers the vitality and dies.

YESOD: Foundation. Archangel Zachariel. Jupiter. This was the second Being that was given Knowledge from Source. Animals began to advance their cognition to be more aware of their surroundings. Zachariel could only work with what Lucifer had created and not from the dark energy. Zachariel considers itself superior to Lucifer.

This love represents the Ego. Those graced on the Path will see through all the artificial constructs of this world. This is where one begins the realisation that there is more to life. A raising of cognitive awareness and towards consciousness. This brings with it a search for what is truth. It can be a transformative state from being unconscious.

HOD: Glory. Archangel Samael. Mars. This was the third Being to be given Knowledge from Source. Lucifer had now become the Wetiko Virus to control all the Beings who had now started to live here in Avatars. They became playthings of the Archangels, Lucifer and Zachariel. The arrival of Samael brought critical thinking and so, rebellion.

This love represents the Will. Those graced on the Path will learn more of any concepts outside the third dimensional existence. This is an intellectual progress of cognitional kind. It can make one less susceptible to religions or any other forced forms of Mind Control. This is the point where one can work to raise consciousness.

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