These are found on the Tree of Knowledge, known as the Trees of Life and Death. They are a measurement of Christic Light and Anti-Christic Light. Each Soul has its own Journey when in the Material Plane. Where the Mind, Body and Soul creates, these can also destroy. The creative and destructive forces are Cosmos and Chaos.

As explained before, it takes all of Creation to work together to create this Reality. In the third dimension one sees this world as it is. In the second dimensional form, the universe is flat. In first dimension, a projection. The fourth dimension is of the Mind or Essence. In the fifth dimension begins the Soul, or what is called, our Quintessence.

With the Trees, one must be in Solar Consciousness. Souls still in Lunar Consciousness are the Unbegun who remain at Malkuth. At the top of the Tree of Life, is the Sun. This is the Source, Life, or Knowledge. At the bottom of the Tree of Death is the Moon. This is Satan, Death, or Wisdom. Tree of Life; Heaven. Tree of Death; Hell.

Malkuth is where one starts the Journey. This is not Equilibrium, as one does not have the Knowledge or Wisdom. As one ascends the Tree of Life, one gains Knowledge. As one descends the Tree of Death, one gains Wisdom. The more Knowledge one gains from the Tree of Life, the more Wisdom one will gain from the Tree of Death.

What this means is that as one can learn from successes, one also learns from their mistakes. One must be known for the other to have meaning. At the top of each Tree is the Law of Three. On the Tree of Life, the Ray of Creation, on the Tree of Death, the Ray of Disintegration. Known as Mind, Body and Soul or Father, Son and Mother.

Kether is the Mind. Chokmah is the Body. Binah is the Spirit. The Mind and Body create through the Spirit. As one travels the Tree of Knowledge and gains Wisdom, each node can be incarnated into Reality. One can invoke either the Angels or Demons linked to each Node of either Tree. These are forces of Creation or Disintegration.

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