Atlantis has been described as the highest point in human achievement. An advanced civilization that later destroyed itself. Those who survived the last cataclysm, became ignorant of the majesty of the previous world. The failure of Atlantis was put into two stories. The Great Flood and the Tower of Babel. A total annihilation of the past.

This took humanity back to basics. Atlantis would have been restored in time, if not for the return of the Anunnaki. They began a campaign of psychological warfare so that humans were always on a fight or flight basis. In this state, learning anything not linked to survival seems much less important and so, facts were changed to suit this need.

It is likely the Tower of Babel story was used by the Anunnaki to explain all the tall buildings lying over the landscape for thousands of kilometres, that once reached into space. The Flood would explain the ruined cities now sticking out of the water. Many of these were used as resources to build the new cities that humans then moved into.

It now seems that stories of the previous Anunnaki civilization were engraved into the new civilization. This time with a human element and the Anunnaki only mentioned on occasion. Even with the time gap, the memory of the Anunnaki’s treatment of humanity was not forgotten and yet, humanity became just like them with their human sacrifices.

At first, the Anunnaki concentrated between the Tropics and did not influence other areas as much. They had to recreate the world in their image. This would happen one step at a time. They did not have the numbers to subdue with force and so used the humans to do all the work of dominating the world for them over thousands of years.

Except for those on the Spiritual Path, there seems to be no other effort to create a system that suits our species, if the Anunnaki were to somehow be removed. Every single day, we see destruction. In a system where all participants are expected to control or be controlled, can we really expect the Wheel of Fortune to turn in our favour?

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