In Christianity, Christ is the Saviour. Much of Christ’s life is missing. Only a few years has been documented into the Gospels. There is enough information on the way Christ taught, to give some idea of the missing parts of his life. Christ was brought up in Egypt and later, as his parents returned to Palestine, he also learned the Jewish Kabbalah.

There were many Magicians in the time of Christ. It is highly unlikely that Christ just happened on these supernatural powers without having teaching of some form. It may have come from his time in Egypt, though some have speculated that he went East. It is certainly beyond doubt that the powers he used in the Gospels were very God-like.

Many Christians look forward to the Second Coming of Christ as he battles with the Antichrist. It was one of the reasons that Christianity spread so quickly. The promise of Eternal Life when Christ raises from the dead, the people who believed in him. To build Heaven on Earth by forcing out the evildoers and creating his New Kingdom.

In ancient Egypt, people looked forward to the return of Osiris. This was also repeated through other religions. Who are all these Saviours saving people from? The answer is, from themselves. People do not want any responsibility and would rather just leave the evil to flourish until someone else does the hard work of removing it for them.

There is a direct relationship between the Hermit Card and any Spiritual Journey. This is where one has shed all previous beliefs and moves forward. In the Gospels, Christ chose those people as his followers who had no ingrained beliefs, nor were they part of the human “herds”. This is essential on the Spiritual Journey and living the Tarot.

Some of the texts that have been removed from the New Testament over time have shown that one must have “faith” of some form to use High Magic. It can be based on religion, but one must know themselves fully, both Psychologically and Spiritually. It is why the Hermit Card can be called the Foundation Card of anyone who desires Truth.

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