When one looks into the deep past, one recognises that this form of magic the most common. For this post, we will use the knowledge of the Babylonians. This people had inherited beliefs brought by the Anunnaki. Blood sacrifice and slavery were the norm, but on certain days they were even more depraved with their types of rituals.

The Material Plane is the only place where one can be “physical”. There are entities that want to feel things, but do not want to incarnate here. The most powerful of the entities are the Demons. They are willing to trade power for the physical sensations of possessing one for a time. The sex they prefer is about self-indulgence, not love.

There are so many rituals that can summon these entities. These are called Satanic Rituals. This involves those entities of the fifth dimension but instigated by those of the sixth. There can also be influences from the fourth dimension. These entities can tempt people through any weaknesses they have. They are relentless with addiction.

The most targeted group are children. The trauma that a child suffers can last a life. This continuously feeds these entities. Others being killed in rituals gives a burst of energy that is like a drug to these entities. It is also a drug to the participants. It is not just the depravation, but the harvesting of body parts and blood is part of the ritual.

Another method of harnessing a child’s energy is having them perform rituals of their own. The energetic devotion of children may feed Satan directly. This is best seen in a religion where children pray in rocking motions, simulating sex. Many of the world’s religions are based on Ancient Babylon and their Body and Blood offerings to Satan.

Sex Magic is powerful as it effectively harnesses demonic forces in mass. With the killing of babies being worldwide, it is no surprise that this world is a mess. Many of this world’s institutions have a moral image as a front, but in the background, they are the opposite. The demand for human sacrifices has been big business for millennia.

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