A previous post explained the Nine Worlds one may find themselves in physically, or in the Dream State. From Equilibrium, there are four worlds above and four worlds below. These each have vibrational states that are in aggregate. Obviously, there can be events that will bring imbalance, but unless a constant, the vibration will reset.

This is to do with the Nine Spheres or Paradigms. As these are polarised, they will be explained more later. For now, it can be realised that everything is in motion and in between is consciousness. It gives everything life, including planets. Planet Earth is on a low vibration, but this is being done deliberately, rather than subconsciously.

On a scale of one to nine, one being Hell and nine being Heaven, Earth is at number three. With the most dominant species on the planet following an artificial way of life, such as slavery, it lowers vibration even though most people are not aware of their condition. The overall consciousness of Creation has its own objective Natural Law.

Equilibrium is of the fifth vibrational state. The worlds in this level are almost perfectly balanced between the natural and artificial. Any civilizations matching this level of vibrational state will spread this through their realms in Space. Earth now, is very corrupted and so, this is reflected by the lower vibrational state of our “civilization”.

There will be entities here without avatars. Their influence is limited but may have avatars on the other worlds. The levels of this Plane should not be confused with the fourth and other dimensions. Inhabitants there are energies only. It is not possible to have any physical worlds there. All dimensions contribute to the fullness of Creation.

Many people think of the Material Plane as a Simulation because of “glitches”. These are surprising when observed. They are sometimes called Omens. The dimension of the Material Plane is made from many energetic waves from lower dimensions and these are rebounded back from the upper ones. These waves may return distorted.

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