This number has appeared for many ruling elitist types, such as the Nine Knights of the Vatican who were the first banker families, and still are to this day. There is also a mention of the Nine Unknown Men of India, who are said to hold Books of Knowledge that are so potently powerful, that they must be kept out of the reach of evil persons.

It is unlikely that there is any knowledge that the Priest Class does not have. These books were able to remain intact through the Dark Ages, as the knowledge was put into forms that were least likely to grab the attention of those who want power. There is evidence that knowledge comes to the Priest Class by using Demonology.

Many believe that those who reach Higher Consciousness must be good people. It is untrue. Many of those who are evil have also achieved this state and use it to control others. They too, have become the Knights of this world. This has happened through their free will. They have chosen to use this knowledge and have power over others.

In previous posts, it can be suggested that those who worship Saturn are the Death Cult that rules the world. There may be a balance at present as those who worship Jupiter will give more power to the Satanists when depopulation suits their agendas. There was a Great Reset after the last Industrial Revolution and history was changed.

It is still unknown what the world was really like then, but many fantastic buildings that have since been replaced, would be impossible to construct in so short time scales using the technology we know of at that time. Even with any transition of wealth to the banks, there was still wealth in physical assets before entering a period of upheaval.

Even with these past events to keep control, humanity is still progressing. It is taking the Overlords more and more effort to keep humans under their rule. The only way to stop this, is to stop human behaviour altogether. This has begun. People will need to meet “requirements” to be “free”, because of the environment or health and safety.

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