When many people dream, it is often a world similar to this one. This is how the brain processes information. It has to adapt for stability. This rule applies for everything in a world. Our dreams then, are what we perceive as a human, though in them we could be far from it. The worlds too, may seem much fairer or more unfair depending on life.

Angels and Demons have a relationship with the Material Plane. Even though both inhabit the fifth dimension, they can travel to the worlds that match closest to their vibration. Some think that the higher the dimension the higher the vibration. Each dimension has the same range of vibration. They all intertwine to make up Creation.

An Angel travelling to a lower vibrational world will need to use much more energy than a Demon travelling there and vice versa. As this world is kept on a low vibration, there is more demonic influence than angelic. It means that as the world lowers in vibration, there is less chance to raise it. Change comes in windows of opportunity.

The central of the nine worlds is Equilibrium. A balance of the artificial and nature. As one ascends into the “higher” worlds, there is not only less suffering, but also much less forms of predation. As worlds descend, there is more suffering and less nature. It could be that the total domination effect of artificial worlds brings an unknown suffering.

As sentient beings, we can experience many different worlds in our dreams. They may seem like this one, but if one uses Lucid Dreaming, looks in a mirror or at the stars, they will see they are very different. It is not that these places are made for us. It is more likely that our Soul is giving us an idea of what our next incarnation will be like.

The afterlife is unique to each individual. Contrarily to many beliefs, there is no one place that one goes to such as Heaven or Hell. Valhalla is in as much existence as is Elysium. Hell has as much reality as the Abyss. These are mainly for those who will leave this dimensions of the Twilight Worlds and either go into Darkness or Light.

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