“What distinguishes candle from other lights is that it appeals to our soul, not our eyes!”

Mehmet Murat ildan

Colours match frequencies and frequencies represent energy at certain levels. Only certain levels of colours can be seen with the human eye. Colours have perception and physical properties, such as heat. Blue light is the same even if it comes from fire or water. They are the created sum total of the additive and subtractive frequencies.

Candles are often used in Magic. They increase the power of spells. A ring of eight candles seems to be the perfect balance when using Healing. This can also be used to charm objects and make potions. People can wear coloured robes and carry candles for powerful rituals in a circle. Candles are used along with many other Magics.

RED: This symbolizes passion. It can be used for performing love spells, increased instincts, vitality, fertility, and survival. It can also be used to stimulate aggression.

GREEN: This symbolizes nature. It can help with growth, healing of nature, and a prosperous life. This is used when one wishes to achieve all hopes and dreams.

PURPLE: This symbolizes spiritual energy. It can be used for contact with entities. It helps one expand psychic powers. One may receive hidden knowledge as intuition.

ORANGE: This symbolizes the Sun. It can help to create calmness and to deal with changes, usually negative ones. Often used to gain courage to deal with changes.

BLUE: This symbolizes health. Used in healing, this candle can help with disease. It also influences dreams and emotions. It can bring a harmony and ease one’s pain.

BLACK: This symbolizes protection. Often used in invocation, it can block negative energies and spells that have been cast. It can also harness energies from the Void.

WHITE: This symbolizes purity. It can be used for protection, banishment, healing, and purification. As all colours form white, this can enhance other coloured candles.

YELLOW: This symbolizes success. It can be used for increased creativity, inspiration, concentration, logic, and learning. Generally, it is used to increase mental wisdom.

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