“To Odin many a soul was driven, to Odin many a rich gift given.”

Snorri Sturluson.

A form of Magic that uses the eight-pointed Octagram. The name does not mean it is Black Magic. It uses the energy of Ego, but not always in a negative way. It affects people emotionally, rather than changing them physically. The inverted Octagram is the Knights of Malta logo, just as the inverted Hexagram is the Guild Members logo.

The inversion of any symbol changes its meaning from the energy going outwards to being received. The trick is to get people to give their energy to them so it is they who prosper instead. The Octagram is associated with Jupiter, Archangel Zachariel. There is often an Eye in an Octagram so that one knows that the energy is that of the Ego.

This Eye is of the Illuminati, and gives an idea of how this Magic is most affective on those who live in the lower forms of awareness. It may be why it is often occulted in the religions that have been adapted from ancient civilizations. Nothing has changed in the last few millennia except the level of deceit that blankets the human population.

Magic Runes are a quick form of using Chaos Magic. The Runes are language and pieces of Sigils. These can be put back together into a large spell or used separately. One can learn Germanic Runes, or use intuition and write their own somewhere, even if by drawing the finger into a shape. The intent must have focus on the recipients.

Those who wear Chaos Magic regalia are often involved in ceremonies. In particular, the Knights Templers who used the inverted Octagram occulted as a Cross. Those who use this shape are involved in Black Magic. The Sigils often include the Hexagram of Saturn and used for Demonic Possession and began from the Knights of Solomon.

There is no real order to Chaos Magic. One can just intend, write down the symbols into the centre of the Octagram and release the Magic in the usual way. It is why there are many symbolistic meanings on company logos and at any planned events. There is still Natural Law, but the consequences are ‘felt’ by all the participants much later.

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