“I just didn’t ever fit to match the crowd, no matter how hard I tried.”
Sahara Sanders

Also known as Indigoes, these are alien, (extra-terrestrial) beings of the Material Plane. They arrived recently, so have only been here for a few generations. It is possible they once colonized Earth in the deep past, tens of millions of years ago. Many people think that they have come to help pave the way for a new consciousness.

These beings incarnate as humans, but they have very tough lives here. They do not fit into society and most go through the Awakening process. The Matrix sees them as a threat and will use others try to eliminate them by manipulation. It makes having success in life difficult. Even when “sleeping”, they have an above average level of cognition.

Nearly all Indigoes are empathic. They sense the corruption of this world and are often found in roles that help others. Many cluster together, but some seek isolation where they can. Once an Indigo Awakens, they become much more aware. Then their world changes. Then comes the process of finding out their true power and purpose.

Indigoes arrive here in UFOs. These materialise through travelling the Astral Plane. These craft can only be here for a limited amount of time as we have not used the technology yet to reenergize them here. The purpose of these craft is to assist the Indigoes. What changes are required on Earth can happen through nonconformity.

The Barrier that surrounds the Earth prevents UFOs coming and going in a more conventional way. This Barrier is mainly to stop malevolent aliens from entering the Earth in mass. Almost all Humans still think of themselves as alone in the universe. This gives unique experiences to the many alien beings that come to live here.

Many UFOs look like Orbs of light. They can be mistaken for satellites as they can disguise themselves by moving across the sky like them. Sometimes, before seeing a close UFO, one may feel like someone is watching them. Earth also makes UFOs. The technology that is shown to the public is less than what has been developed.

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