“Third Eye is a gift from life. It’s the gift you receive when you travel the long path of both your external and internal reality towards the Self.”

Roshan Sharma

The Third Eye has always been described as an invisible eye that has an ability to see the unseen. As with most abilities, there needs to be a balance as there can be side effects. It can be difficult to balance the spiritual with the material for many at the beginning. The Third Eye is the part of the human linked to the Eye of the Soul.

Using this Eye, there is evidence of blinded people being able to see. This is through their adaptation to energy signatures or even heat vibrations. There have been tests that have blindfolded people going around circuits, some can see colours by touch, and even lighting fires with their fingers. All are very sensitive to waves of energy.

Each colour generates a wavelength, but also heat. Some people can feel this heat and recognise a colour from it. It vibrates in their hand a certain way. There is some evidence of blinded people reading books. This could be the psychic skill known as Remote Viewing. This is like a combination of other psychic skills into the one ability.

There are many Statist departments worldwide, that have employed those with the Remote Viewing skill. This lets one gain information about things unknown to them. Sending the Self rather than the physical to “see” what is happening at any precise location. Learning this skill takes two people to perfect, or one and the Shadow Self.

This ability takes strict training as other influences can bring very odd notions to the mind. The Eye of the Soul can make ‘portals’ in the Astral Realm to ‘see’ the information in real time, no matter what the distance is. Meditation is essential to help those who want to use this ability. This skill takes time but with practice, anyone can achieve it.

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