“She paused, staring into the void. The void, for its part, stared back unblinking.”

Charles Stross

The Void fills the gap between everything in the Universe on this Plane and between the other dimensions too. Even though it is a gap, it is also intertwined with the other dimensions. It is called the dimensionless dimension. It allows communication from all other places in Creation. It lets our connection with Avatars in the Material Plane.

When we die, we are surrounded by a mist of Essence. This can happen before the physical death actually takes place. One may travel through the third dimension in this form for a time, seeing with the Eye of the Soul. The Soul will cast the Essence off and enter the Void. This Essence will remain as a Shade, the ghost of one who was.

When entering the Void, one may meet an Archon. It will appear as a being of light. Archons are very deceptive as they rely on Souls entering this realm for food. Even the “good” ones. Those entering the Light Tunnel will be reincarnated somewhere in this universe. The Wetiko Parasite blocks Avatars from connecting with their souls.

Many souls do not enter the Tunnel but become trapped in the Void as Shadows. These feed on energy but can only have enough for the purpose of feeding the Demons in their hierarchy. It takes more energy to cross the Void or reincarnate. Shadows can refuse and go into the Void and become lost souls, drifting aimlessly.

Across the Void are the other dimensions. These are the more creative or more destructive parts of creation. There is no time, just space in the Void. Travel from one world to another seems like instantaneous. Souls cannot travel between worlds without enough energy. Lost Souls can gain energy from the Void to reach a world.

Souls can come into the Cosmos without avatars. These are tiny and condensed spheres of energy. Souls can also become slightly physical when they want to make contact. They can manifest as flashes or larger shapes. There are trillions of souls in any Cosmos. The Void is hidden energy that is created by Source Consciousness.

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    1. I don’t keep any records of where I get information as it is always many pieces put together. There is a lot of content in this post and most of it is from life experience and channelling. For a start though, you can look into Aether, also known as Quintessence.

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