“Satan is so much more in earnest than we are – he buys up the opportunity while we are wondering how much it will cost.”

Amy Carmichael.

One of the first documented events involving this staff is the one carried by a person called, Moses. He was a “chosen one” of his god. Moses performed many amazing “miracles” using this staff, including healing. Most notable, is when he left Egypt with most of his people to create a new nation. One that would ensure purity of heritage.

The Serpent has always symbolised Satan. It being curled round the Staff insinuates that only it has the power to heal. Later, it was called the Rod of Asclepius after the Greek god of Medicine. Moses was the original wielder of this Staff. When his people were diseased, they were told to worship the Serpent of the Staff and so would live.

Moses then had a permanent replica as a Brazen Serpent made for the people to worship. It was called, Neshutan. Eventually, these people began to tire of the one god and created new idols to worship. This went on until a person called, Hezekiah destroyed what he could of worship. Unfortunately, worship is still very widespread.

The World Health Organisation uses the Serpent Staff as a logo. This is a branch of the United Nations. What it symbolises is that they are the ones who have the power to heal the world and no other; trust and believe in them and one will live. This is obviously run by Guild Members. Should one trust anyone using symbols of Satan?

The highest card of the Tarot is the Knight, the Warrior. Warriors are those who seek Justice. To suggest anyone comes here just to ignore human slavery is very naive. This world is the front line. If the battle here is lost, the corrupting, hyper-dimensional entities will move on. They will focus on the next sentient world and begin infesting it.

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