Also known as Archon Iao, this force of nature has a powerful influence here. To explain how it works, goes back to nearer the beginning of Creation. Archangel Lucifer created the universe, but most of the energy is dark to us. The energy visible to us, is what Zachariel changed from Dark Energy to Baryonic Energy. This began as thought.

To understand Creation better, may be to think of it as a Rainbow. The first dimension is Red and is on the outside; the external. This is the Dark Energy of Lucifer. The next is Orange and the Ego of Zachariel. The third is Yellow and the Action of Samael. The fourth is Green and the Mind of Uriel. The rest can be explained later in future posts.

The Material Plane then, is the opposition of Samael against the first two forces. The releasing of forms from these dimensions into physical manifestation. Zachariel still has much influence as the creator of illusions and one should add, emotions. This is not including love. It can be an illusion, but it is one of the realist parts of this plane.

How Ego is manifested in the world today is through money or mono-eye. This is the manifestation of Ego Energy using the Imagination. Money does not exist and yet we have brought it into existence through Faith that it does. The Illuminati Pyramid is the power of money over the population. Religious belief in money, gives them authority.

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