In ancient days, people wondered about the world they lived in. They understood only what they could see. The Earth was flat, and the sky arched overhead. There were many stars as points of light but some of them moved. These were given more importance as there must be a reason for this. There was also the Sun and Moon.

Most beliefs have come from a religion at source. This can be any god or gods, politicians, scientists or any other “authorities”. These are called beliefs because most people cannot go and find the truth for themselves. They cannot find their own examples and must trust others. Experiments on Earth show it as roundish, even if the pictures are probably faked.

In a lot of modern beliefs, especially when concerning science, there are established “facts” that make no sense. We are taught not to question but to repeat them as real; a belief there are special people that never tell lies to receive any funding or status. This has been indoctrinated into the population and is similar to religious beliefs.

Channellings from some sources have told that there is a barrier currently around Earth. It has been suggested that nothing “alive”, can go further than lower Earth orbit. This barrier is to stop further external alien interference. Humans are a species of the cosmos and should determine their own future whether that be for good or for bad.

Unfortunately, there are many ways to manipulate a species. There are forces at work that come from other hyperdimensional planes. There are also many aliens who can incarnate here as humans. This planet will either become a Heaven or a Hell. It may seem bleak just now, but there are timelines where Earth can become a Heaven.

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