“Still anyone who trusts a serpent deserves its bite. The wise see a creature for what it is, not what it says it may be”.

Alice Hoffman.

Since the very beginning of human history, there has been the Serpent symbol. In the story of the Garden of Eden, a Serpent was involved. Even before then, the Serpent has been associated with Knowledge. This is because the Seven Archangels, also known as Archons, are said to have taken the form of Winged Serpents in this Plane.

The Demiurge, or Satan, is sometimes symbolised as a snake with a lion’s head. The lion represents majesty. It was to show a superiority, not only to the other Archons, but everything else in the universe. The Archons looking like Reptilian Serpents with wings or Dragons, may have come from the religions observed by the Anunnaki Reptilians.

The demonic forces are worm-like and could also be interpreted as serpents. This may be why demonic possession feels like worm-like movements. It is said that a person can gain long life and good fortune when possessed by a Demon. This was of interest to the Priest Class of the Anunnaki. Demons have their agendas which must be met.

The Twelve Tribes or Castes of the were symbolised by the Twelve Zodiacal Signs. It is believed that each represented a species of Anunnaki designed to suit a particular purpose, such as the Sea Goat being for an underwater species. Whatever reason, the twelve plus a thirteenth member is always represented in regard to the Anunnaki.

Coincidently, the thirteenth Zodiacal Sign that has been removed is Ophiuchus, The Serpent Bearer. This may have been the symbol representing the Priest Class of the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki worshipped the Demiurge as god by sending ‘gifts’ to it. This was by having blood sacrifices of sentient beings to invoke demonic possession.

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