The hierarchy had returned and groups began to compete intensely for a place in this system. City States began to increase their influence and eventually created empires by subjugating or destroying any who opposed their rule. Other cities in the world created empires too. All would conquer for more status. Each needed Guilds.

The Reptilians spread all through human society as Guild Members. In time, some even became rulers of their own empires. The Guild Members eventually gained a major influence over every human on Earth. They are said to be still a mix of both Reptilians and humans. All Guild Members are still subject to an overall Priest Class.

Many people have said they have seen Reptilians as a full lifeform. They even say they are shapeshifters. These could be another type of alien to go with all the other kinds that seem to have come here. We can only describe those that show the most effect on our society. We live in a Matrix dominated by the cruellest and evillest.

The Reptilians are great actors and may start lessons from an early age to fit in with their “livestock”. The professions requiring acting, such as Politics and the Mainstream Media will be inundated with Reptilians. Hollywood and Disney too, one would have to suspect. They are the controllers who can manipulate every aspect of human life.

It may be that Reptilians can breed with humans with only small defects. There are those who are purest bred with direct bloodlines, others who have bred with humans at some time in their history, and then there are pure bred humans. The Priest Class are mainly the purest, then the Guild Members who are part human or are humans.

It is said that the success of the Reptilians is because they have been able to hide within the world’s major religions. These are based mainly on an external god or gods. There have been ‘prophets’ who have tried to bring people to Source, but their teachings have been transformed into the Earth collective to suit those who rule it.

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