The Anunnaki are incredibly patient. When planning, they are prepared to observe for thousands of years, waiting for an opportunity in any moment of weakness displayed by any “civilization” they wish to dominate. Once humans became weakened by the next worldwide catastrophic event, the Anunnaki returned to Earth to rule there again.

This catastrophe put humanity back into the Stone Age. Only a small percentage of people survived. They now lived in tribal groups, scattered all over the world. To have a domineering affect, the Anunnaki needed to get humans into cities. This was achieved by harassing the humans with their now superior technology into these enclosures.

One day a group of “humans” arrived from the East. It is said they came from a land called Atlantis, but were really human-sized, Anunnaki Reptilians. These were seen as magicians and helped the humans build better cities. They were allowed to build their own section attached to the city. The humans were amazed by their knowledge.

The arrival of the Reptilians changed human evolution. They formed Guilds where they taught humans many useful skills. This instruction helped humans create lots of fantastic structures and crafts. Even so, the humans became suspicious of them. These Guilds had far too much power. The Reptilians agreed and had a solution.

It had been a long time since humans lived in a hierarchy and were not keen on the idea. They had coexisted well as anarchists with no need for conflict, which often arises where one must show superiority over another. Even so, the Reptilians knew if they gave the humans all the positions of power within their Guild, they would agree.

A Priest Class would be set up and an Overseer would keep it together. This group would contain both Reptilians and humans. All of the first Overseers were human. The humans were still unaware who the Reptilians were and took their cold-blooded ways as foreign intellect. The Reptilians observed, mimicked and learned human behaviour.

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