“No existing form of anthropoid ape is even remotely related to the stock which has given rise to man.”

Henry Fairfield Osborn

There are many views on how humans came to be. So much conflicting information on what “species” was around and when. Having to pacify influential donors brings a false history. Either that or the science degree is a waste of time. Many scientists who have gone against standard “beliefs” have had to reinvent themselves as authors.

Humans are said to have evolved from apes over millions of years. There are no logical links between humans and apes except the humanoid form. The muscle structure and hair placements are wrong, along with other features. The only other conclusion is that humans were created by advanced beings. These were likely to be aliens in origin.

It is most likely that at least two species were used. Humans may well be a mix of two alien species. One that had originally adapted to living on this planet and at least one alien species. This would overcome the problem of hybridisation. When hybrids reproduce, genetic defects occur. Humans may have been their best achievement.

The name of the alien species that created humans are called, the Anunnaki. These have been recorded in history by ancient cultures. The type of humans we call the Neandertal, were a slave species, created to mine resources and fight wars among the Anunnaki for sport. The Anunnaki do not think like we do but have Reptilian brains.

It was only later, when the Anunnaki had to fight a real enemy that humans became more developed. This enemy is called, the Aryans, otherwise known as the Orions. In the end, the Anunnaki were defeated and released a cataclysm in the form of causing much flooding all over the world. There have been many cataclysms on this planet.

The war between these alien species meant that humans were developed into more sophisticated forms. Not as we are at present but programmed killing machines. We became built for violence on a magnitude for even the most brutal situations. A will to survive that is rare in this universe. Humanity was rescued from the Earth by the Jinn.

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