“And we need to know what it is to be human if we are to avoid becoming narcissists.”

Alexander Lowen

This has been listed as a disorder. When one spends a lot of time in a basic, first level cognitive environment, narcissism just seems like normal life. It is like a game where each person sets out for anything they can get. Always at the others’ expense. A dog-eat-dog way of thinking. One knows of no other way of existing except through fear.

Even those who are spiritual can become narcissists. It is the terminal point of the human ego. It is why those who rule Earth are unknown to the public. They know titles, status and wealth mean nothing and lessens them. Only true power matters. These “titles” are for their slaves to compete for, wasting their lives for their entertainment.

Just about every empath ends up in a relationship of some form with a narcissist. This could be the opposites attract scenario. Narcissism can also trigger a spiritual awakening in either. The hierarchal system we live in is narcissistic. Those who fully embrace it are narcissists. They want to control and so believe in a control system.

At a spiritual level, narcissists do have souls the same as any other human. It is the Mind that seems to be corrupt. A diseased psyche. There may be something that disconnects one from one’s Soul and attaches to something else. This may be the Wetiko Virus. An affliction of total selfishness, egoic delusions and wishful thinking.

Narcissists often ask people to do what they have no ability to do. They then take praise for this work. What they receive as charity, they see as achievement. They get angry, but for petty reasons rather than righteous ones. This system allows them to flourish and are the backbone of it. Of all humankind, they are the most enslaved.

Psychology is the glue that holds this world together. It cannot cure narcissism, but rather persuades a person to accept the worldly delusions indirectly. This creates the more common, covert narcissists. The only cure is the acceptance of Truth. This is what leads to higher consciousness. Then one gets an insight into what it is to live.

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