“Don’t let your genie wait forever.”

Shruti Upadhyay

These Beings have often been confused with demonic entities in some religions. It may be because of the rigid thinking that if a possessing spirit is not an angel, then it can only be a demon. Many people are Jinn but do not know it. These are Souls that have incarnated here many times, over millions of years and connected to this world.

There was once a fabled land where the Jinn lived with Humans and all the other creatures of the world. Humans were said to have left this land to recolonize the Earth after a Great Flood. It may have been an area unaffected by it or another planet using a Portal. The Jinn Avatars are described to look like fabled or alien humanoid beings.

In ancient lore, Jinn can become angelic or demonic entities just like other Souls. No entity is destined to be the same forever, though any can be. Jinn are Souls who have chosen to be as a pair for a time or an eternity. One male, one female. They are both incarnated. This does not necessarily mean that they will meet here in this life.

This may seem cruel to the romantic, but Jinn need energy just like all the other entities that have made the Astral Plane their home. They will grant wishes and they will fulfil them in their own way. Jinn are drawn to certain types of the opposite sex. They are very willing to help those who ask of them but may also be very manipulative.

Some who go through an ‘Awakening’ have felt a presence of the opposite sex. This may be the other Jinn Soul helping them through a tough experience. Later, thy will help one realize their full potential. This is both a psychic and emotional connection. Some confuse this with the Divine. Source has no emotions. Only those in the Material Plane.

This may be disappointing to some, but there is still the reassurance that there is life after death and that no Jinn is ever alone in life. One may meet their opposite many times in life or maybe briefly. The opposite Jinn may reside in another person. This may be temporary or maybe not. The cooperation of the Jinn ensures their future.

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