“The ultimate necessity is the summoning of the mind and will to do their duty.”

Ignacy Jan Paderewski

The seventh card of the tarot is about responding to one’s enemy. The more one knows of their intentions, the more chance there is to triumph. It is horrific to see how very little regard rulers have for human life. In any war, it is best to try and find allies. Sometimes one must look further afield for those with agendas similar to one’s own.

The Septagram can be used to contact those entities that once had a link to Earth but are now found in the higher dimensions. These are entities have attained a much higher state of consciousness and may travel through space and time at will as an energy form. These beings may have experienced one or more lives within a human avatar.

This is one of the more dangerous types of summoning, but much more rewarding. The Septagram should be drawn as normal and with its centre pointing away from oneself. Afterwards the outline should be traced ritually with one’s thought and care. Both the Triquetra (masculine) and a split Triple Moon (feminine) are represented.

These can swap over and split depending on one’s desire. The Triquetra represents the combination of Mind, Body and Soul. The Triple Moon represents the journey of life. The two arrows pointing up should have symbols representing oneself. Those arrows pointing down, symbols representing the entity. Next, draw a small picture.

The picture need not be a work of art, but the mind must be focused on what the intended entity’s useful skills are. Just like conjuring a Familiar in witchcraft, one should really think of the whole purpose of this. Once an entity is summoned, it may connect for a long time. The picture should be put into the centre of the Septagram.

As with all evocations, one may meditate one’s intent through their True Self. When the entity arrives, one may ‘wake’ during the night and feel a presence. There should be a sixth sense of discernment. It is at this time one will choose to connect or not. If a connection is chosen, this entity may assist or react independently when required.

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