“The world will belong to those who possess the Sovereign Mind; that is to say the Light that reveals all the mysteries of life.”

This card is also known as The Chariot of War or simply, The Chariot. The entity associated with this card is connected to righteous anger. In the universe, conflict is inevitable, and one has the right to defend themselves. There are many denizens in this universe, and many are malevolent. One does not simply, ignore the negative.

Other entities can be very helpful in this universe, but they are not superior. It is just that we are in the Material Plane. They have a much better perspective than we do. This Plane is also a much more interesting place as one can feel emotions. It is less bland than many other realms as well. Still, there can be bad experiences.

The entities relevant to this card are those who have been here on this world. These have travelled here through spirit or technology. This could be by spacecraft, a stargate, astral travel into an organic portal, or from across the Void. The entities have a link here and can be summoned temporarily even if incarnated elsewhere.

Evoking these entities requires the use of a Heptagram. For this purpose, it will be called a Septagram to avoid confusion with Alchemy. There can be trade with these entities. The cost will only be known to our Higher Self. Only love can be free in this universe. Anything else has a price and that price is energy. Energy is currency.

In ancient times, various entities had many names and there were many kinds living here. Some have been said to be aliens, spirits, gods, and giants. The spirits of the beings are called Jinn or Faeries. Most may still have avatars in the Material Plane somewhere. The entities who respond are usually those with a specific reason to.

Summoning these entities uses a Faerie or Jinn Star, rather than a Pentagram. In ancient days, sorcerers would trap them. They distrust humans and can be chaotic. They certainly do not suffer from fools and people were terrified of them. They have been known to incarnate here. They can also become part of the Matrix.

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