“Where there is love there is life.”

Mahatma Gandhi.

The sixth card of the Tarot represents Love. This is the “as within, so without” rather than the “as above, so below”. The love from Source that comes from within and then put into the world through Action. The description of love has many different meanings. Love it is not an emotion but is a state of being that positive emotions can come from.

High vibrational frequencies are often associated with love. It is easy to confuse spiritual vibration in the ethereal with emotions in the physical realm. Our Souls do operate the energetic field and have core traits. Emotions come from the human avatar. Our emotional responses come from various frequencies at the Chakras.

If one is unsure what love feels like, channel one’s Higher Self. This can be done in meditation or even a Tarot reading. Be in presence with nothing but the universe. This is a neutral state. It ‘feels’ higher because we are on a low frequency world. Emotions are the most interesting part of being human but can also bring intense suffering.

The Matrix illusion manipulates us through our emotions. The hive mind can group many people into causing suffering together like a pack. We can be guided into suffering by thought injections and very often, emotional manipulations. When one reaches a state of higher consciousness, these thoughts can be observed at source, reduced, or removed.

Love can be dangerous, but we must appreciate it fully, within and without. The two True Pillars of Society are the combination of the Divine Masculine (protection) and the Divine Feminine (care) and is often misrepresented by Freemasonry and the Kabbalah. The Hexagram shown on the Israeli flag is not related to the Masculine and Feminine.

Love is a very powerful state to achieve. It gives one their individual autonomy over themselves, their lives, and their spirituality. If people were to realise what true love really is, we can change this world for the better, simply by replacing the system with a higher state of consciousness. To learn how to value ourselves and others equally.

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