“People shouldn’t call for demons unless they really mean what they say.”

C.S. Lewis

The Demons are also called Fallen Angels. Ancient lore has them in league with the Demiurge or Satan. They are said to be disconnected from Source and parasitic. There is no doubt these insidious beings are multidimensional entities and have an influence on the universe. Being part of a collective means, they have no individual autonomy.

As the Demiurge is the main parasite, all these entities have formed a hive mind. The Demiurge at the top then levels of enforcers (demons) and then the workers (shadows). This is incredibly like human society. You have your rulers at the top, the government as their enforcers, and then the workers that do most of the collecting.

It may be that the Demiurge created the creatures that have social habits such as ants. A study in the past showed that these insects acted the same way all over the world as though controlled by a planetary super-mind. This could be a link to the hive mind of the Demiurge. Looking generally at all   human behaviour shows incredibly similar characteristics.

Ants have been known to farm aphids to obtain sugary liquids from them. It may be that Demons and Shadows manipulate humans to obtain low frequency energies from them that transfer through the collective as food. It would certainly explain a lot why the world is how it is. Shadows are Souls that trapped themselves in the Astral Plane.

Both Demons and Shadows are known to affect people. Demons are much rarer because they must cross the Void. This takes lots of energy. Those who are Demon possessed must do evil. Energy is needed to keep it here. Most are manipulated by Shadow people who parasitize them and control them in order to fuel the collective.

There are ways to tell if one is possessed. While in meditation at the energetic and vibratory state, these feel as worm-like movements of emotions. They vary in size. In another, they sense as one or more worms writhing inside them with emotions that are negative. These entities may be encountered in nightmares or in sleep paralysis.

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